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Content Guidelines Affiliates


We are very happy to work with you as an affiliate of DEGIRO, and find it important that our affiliates understand what DEGIRO stands for. Additionally, we want to stress the importance of DEGIRO content to be up to date, correct and non-misleading for our (potential) customers at all times. These terms provide strict guidelines that all affiliates must follow when promoting DEGIRO to your audience.



In 2013, DEGIRO launched its online brokerage services in the Netherlands. Since then, DEGIRO has expanded across 18 European countries enabling retail investors to benefit from a highly competitive commission structure. As a result, DEGIRO has quickly become one of the largest brokers in Europe. More than 55 international awards name DEGIRO as the best and the cheapest way for investors to invest online.


DEGIRO wants to provide added value by developing affordable, custom-made financial services for all investors worldwide.


By combining technology and financial knowledge, DEGIRO creates high-quality and costeffective financial services for everyone.


Brand keywords DEGIRO

Low cost

The low costs are our Unique Selling Point. Investors should be able to expect low costs when they see a product is offered by DEGIRO.


We are looking to give people full control over their finances, and help them realizing their vision. This is done through powerful and comprehensive software, transparency and education.


Whereas financial products are typically associated with complexity, we strive to make things as simple as possible.


Because investors entrust us with a significant part of their assets, we see it as crucial to have safety as a constant priority. This is why we hold client’s assets separately, use wellprotected in-house software, and protect our client’s data and privacy.


Experienced and active investors should not feel constricted within our easy-to-use platform. This means that they are offered a wide selection of order types, different financial products, and trade on exchanges from all over the world.



• General information about DEGIRO can be found here

• Information about the safety and structure of DEGIRO can be found here.

• Information about the use of money market funds can be found here.

• Information about our trading platform can be found here.

• Information about our app can be found here.

• Information about the exchanges, products and order types that we offer can be found here.

• Information about the awards that DEGIRO has won can be found here. For local awards please visit the local website.

• Our educational material, knowledge center, can be found here. Please note this page is currently not live for all countries.

• For information about our fees, we recommend to go to the fee page of the corresponding country

• Within the fee page we also have a tab called ‘’cost calculator’’. This is a tool which clients can use to obtain an indication of the costs they’ll be expected to make when trading with DEGIRO.

• If you wish to mention our selection of ETF’s without transactions costs, then you can find the list of these ETF’s on the fee page of the corresponding country.

• For Dutch affiliates, information about our pension account services can be found here. We believe this is interesting separate group of investors to target.


Guidelines to be followed

DEGIRO is a regulated and licensed broker and must comply with the applicable rules and regulations in providing its services to its customers. DEGIRO firmly believes in complying with these rules and regulations in order to maintain its status as a trustworthy company operating in the financial industry. DEGIRO also expects this from the affiliates that it cooperates with. In this light, DEGIRO has established rules we expect our affiliates to comply with. These guidelines include the following:

• It is required that Affiliates not solely publish Advertisement Content provided by DEGIRO (such as banners) but also additional content written by the Affiliate about DEGIRO, such as a broker comparison, review, article or dedicated landing page.

• It is not allowed to imply DEGIRO is safe just because it is regulated. It is allowed to mention DEGIRO is regulated and by who, but not to mention word’s like safety or safe and security or secure in combination with a regulator or regulatory body.

• DEGIRO doesn’t offer FOREX, leveraged CFD’s, Binary options and Crypto currency to its customers. Affiliates are not allowed to compare DEGIRO to brokers that focus on any of these financial products.

• Affiliates must include and make visible the sentence “Investing involves risk of loss” in all cases where the advantages of trading with DEGIRO are mentioned in promotional content. This is a requirement under MiFID II applicable to all brokers/ investment firms.

• When mentioning tax advantages for our (Dutch) Pension product (Pensioenrekening), affiliates must prominently state that the tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in the future in promotional content.

• Affiliates are obligated to comply with local marketing guidelines and regulations.

• DEGIRO is an execution-only broker and does not provide investment advice/tips to its customers. Any kind of investment advice/ tips cannot and may not under any circumstances be connected to DEGIRO.

• If you wish to use superlatives like 'best', 'cheapest', 'most reliable', make sure you can backup this claim either by research from your own or from others (e.g. DEGIRO was awarded best broker by …)

• All content about DEGIRO must to be up to date, correct and non-misleading at all times.

Please note that in cases where affiliates are in violation of these rules, DEGIRO will take necessary measures to terminate the cooperation with immediate effect. 

DEGIRO will perform monthly sample checks on the promotional content used by affiliates. All affiliates will be reviewed by DEGIRO annually.



DEGIRO appreciates and values your cooperation. In case you have any questions or need any guidance on the content of this document you can contact us directly via affiliates@degiro.com.

DEGIRO will at all times inform its affiliates about news, changes or updated content regarding DEGIRO as soon as possible via e-mail.